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If you are looking for ways to brighten your teeth, you are not alone, and for good reason. Oral B has done a survey in Britain that netted the following results: not only does a whiter smile make you appear younger and more attractive to others, but wealthier and better educated as well. In fact, according to the survey, whiter smiles make you look at least 5 years younger, and was considered even better than a facelift.

To keep your teeth looking their best yet, consider doing the following:

–Twice daily brushing for two minutes each time to remove plaque and oral debris.
–Use ADA approved products which protect you the consumer, and ensure that they are safe and effective. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to protect enamel along with a fluoride-containing toothpaste.
–Floss carefully daily between teeth and along the gumline to keep your gums healthy and your teeth free from cavities.
–Avoid tooth-staining foods such as tea, coffee, and red wine.
–Avoid tooth staining habits like smoking or tobacco in any form.
–Keep all bi-annual professional dental cleanings and exams that help ensure cleaner, healthier teeth and gums.

As you can see, teeth whitening can do a lot for your smile. If you want more information about how to brighten your teeth, you can speak with our dentist about your options. Even with ADA approved whitening products, certain products may work better for you than others because of your unique needs.

If you would like more information about our in-house and at-home whitening options for you, you can call the team at Michael J Leahy DDS at 614-848-4900. Our dentist, Dr. Michael J Leahy in Columbus, Ohio looks forward to helping you achieve the healthy, brighter smile you deserve!