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As the seasons change, many school districts, cities and counties get ready for changes in school and community sports seasons. Some school districts and leagues mandate the use of mouthguards as part of the requirements to participate. No matter what sport your child plays, if there is a chance of a blow to the face that could damage his or her teeth, it is a good idea to have a mouthguard. This is a particularly good idea if your child wears braces. It is also a good idea to talk to your dentist about having a new mouthguard made for your child at the start of a new sports season. But to make a mouthguard last, here are some tips for caring for it.

You should brush your mouthguard before and after you use it. If you can’t brush it, rinse it thoroughly. You should also rinse clean the container on a regular basis. You should also clean your mouthguard and the container with soap and wate. The container should be vented so that the air can dry your mouthguard and prevent the growth of bacteria. You should avoid chewing on your mouthguard during the game or practice. You should routinely check your mouthguard to make sure that it is in good shape. If it has cracks or pits, bacteria will have extra places to hide and your mouthguard should be replaced.

If your son or daughter is getting ready for the start of a new sports season, now is the time to see our dentist, Drf. Michael J Leahy about having custom mouthguard made. To make an appointment at Michael J Leahy DDS in Columbus, Ohio, call 614-848-4900 today.