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When a cavity develops on a molar or premolar, leading to a large section of tooth decay, it could lead to compromised oral health, too. It’s crucial to your smile that Dr. Michael J Leahy provide restorative dentistry as soon as possible to stop the dental problem from becoming more complex. If you are seeing signs of a cavity or tooth sensitivity, we encourage you to contact our team right away.

Our dentist can utilize dental inlays and onlays to repair moderate areas of tooth decay on back teeth for conservative treatment.

We offer porcelain and gold dental inlays and onlays, and you can receive one of these types of filling depending on the size and location of your cavity. A cavity that is settled in the biting surface of a back tooth may need a dental inlay, while onlays are often used for larger areas of tooth decay that spread beyond the biting surface to grow over the sides.

Conditions such as a significant amount of decayed enamel or the loss of a large dental filling may indicate that a filling can’t be supported by the remaining healthy tooth structure. In this case, we can provide a dental crown by removing the rest of the tooth enamel and changing the tooth into an abutment so that a dental lab can provide a custom dental crown.

If you would like to learn more about our porcelain and gold dental inlays and onlays in Columbus, Ohio, please call Michael J Leahy DDS at 614-848-4900 today for an oral exam.