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Do you have a missing tooth, or perhaps several that are creating gaps in your smile? If so, our dentist may recommend a dental bridge. Read our blog today to learn about the several reasons why a patient may benefit from dental bridges.
First, a dental bridge is used to close any gaps in your smile, and restores the functionality of your teeth. Dr. Michael J Leahy and Associates can customize a dental bridge to look as natural as your own teeth. There may be several reasons why we may recommend getting a bridge; one reason may be due to severe decay and damage to a tooth or two, which may warrant tooth extractions. The bite can be off and prevent you from using your teeth as intended. A bridge can be attached to healthy teeth on each side of the missing tooth/teeth, and help restore your chewing capabilities and spaces between teeth.

Other benefits include, maintaining your normal face shape, preventing remaining teeth from shifting positions, restoring your smile, filling the spaces left by missing teeth, and the ability to upgrade from removable dentures. At the office of Michael J Leahy DDS, we will consult with you about your situation, and perform an examination and order X-rays. If the dentist feels you would benefit from a dental bridge in Columbus, Ohio, we will design a treatment plan and go over everything you need to know. We hope to help return your chewing abilities, restore your smile, and provide optimal care. Contact our terrific dental team to learn more at 614-848-4900 and to make an appointment.